Heni Pálfi - Photographer

My name is Heni Pálfi. I am a photographer based in Budapest specialized in portraits, family, interior and creative product photography.

As a little girl, I loved the book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett in which a little girl is completely transformed through discovering and working in a secret garden to wake up the plants to bloom again. This book has left a lasting impression on me, and after starting taking photographs for pleasure in 2007 I soon realized I really like observing and capturing details and changes of nature and gardens.

In 2013-2014 I had an important personal photographic project. I took photos of a garden – forgotten by some but cherished by others – bordered by three streets of District 7 in Budapest. I went there season after season to admire and document its beauty as the weather changed.

photo studio

As a higher education program manager originally, and after long years as a hobby photographer, I earned a professional certificate in photography in 2021 and decided to launch my photography business. The areas of photography I am interested in are people photography (portraits, family, friends, etc.), smaller events, interior photography, garden photography, and still life photography. I continue to take photos for my personal interest too.

My approach to photography is to place my photo subjects in a setting that is comfortable for them, create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and capture people’s natural and everyday beauty and intimate moments. I add only the necessary post processing to my photos without changing the character of faces and persons. Please visit my gallery and read about my services in further detail.

In addition to Budapest, I am also available for photoshoots within Hungary and nearby countries (e.g. Austria, Slovakia). Please get in touch with me for private photoshoots, collaboration, commission requests and special arrangements.

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