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Personal data

I use Google’s email services for communication with my clients that are governed by Google’s Privacy Policy

My clients share their personal data (name, email address, phone number, other contact information) with me in person, via phone, email or messages sent through social media platforms on a voluntary basis. I use these data exclusively for communication related to my services, and do not share them with third parties. 

Statistical analyses of the website based on anonymous user activity are carried out by Google Analytics governed by Google’s Privacy Policy


Personal image protection

As a photographer, my portraits and family photographs can be a good reference for finding new clients and receiving further requests. I publish these photos in my portfolio, on my website and social media platforms with prior permission from my clients. This permission may be withdrawn at any time by sending a request via email to [email protected]

I transfer the photographs in electronic form through the internet service provider agreed upon with my clients, which is always governed by its own privacy policy. I archive photo projects for at least 1 year. I archive photos used as references with prior permission from my clients for an unlimited time.  


Social Media Platforms

I am also the owner and maintainer of the following social media accounts related to my photography business: 

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Behance is a service provided by Adobe, therefore governed by Adobe’s Privacy Policy.

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