Blanka’s Portraits


I took formal portraits of Blanka for her cv recently. These are random raw photos without any preselection from her photoshoot.

When shooting outdoors you can count on my patience, and that we try different backgrounds and settings. Normally there are loads of photos by the end of a shoot. Those which will be selected are technically correct (for example, the eyes are sharp and have light on them, and they look into the camera in case of formal portraits), the composition is ok (the edges of the photo are cut at the right point, no strange cuts into body parts), and the person in the photo has their best looks. While preparing for the photoshoot, if you need it, I am happy to give you advice on which colors and style, and pieces of clothing would look advantegous on you, and would harmonize with the setting.

I aim for keeping the composition and the retouching of the photos natural.

You can browse through the album of Blanka’s retouched photos here.

In case you would like to have natural and advantegous portraits for official or private purposes I look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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