Tibi Going to School


I took photos of this sharply dress young man, Tibi, this week. Tibi enters first grade this September. He and his mom enjoyed the walk and photo session with me. I wish you a lot of success, Tibi!

I would also like to wish the best experiences at school to all the kids and also remember of the honorable work of all teachers.

I remember a lot of my teachers leaving an impression on me and I could connect with quite a few of them personally too. The one name I would like to mention now is Ms Julika Szabó who was my artist teacher teaching drawing, art history and enameling. When I think of her I remember how seriously she took her job and us too. She treated us as partners and led us to the world of the fine arts and being with her we felt were artists or at least had an understanding of the arts and certain artworks.

You can browse through Tibi’s full portrait album here.

Please get in touch with me if you wish to get portraits of your kid or yourself.

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