Photography Services for Companies


I am delighted to offer my photography services for companies, encompassing various aspects such as branding photography. Whether you require portraits, group photos, images of work processes, or shots of meetings, I am equipped to cater to your specific needs. These photos can be captured on-site at your company’s premises, within your offices, as well as outdoors or in studios. The photographs I produce boast exceptional quality and resolution, enabling their effective utilization both online and in printed media.

The process of company photoshoots commences with a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and a thorough examination of the scenes to be captured. Through open and collaborative discussions, we establish suitable dates and timeslots while exchanging ideas regarding the content and style of the shoot. Once we have reached an agreement, I conduct test photos of one of your representatives. These samples prove invaluable for decision-makers, allowing them to choose the optimal setting, background, and style. Upon finalizing the concepts, I also provide guidelines for those individuals who will be participating in the photoshoot, offering advice on how to best prepare for the session. Finally, I execute the shooting tasks on the agreed-upon day, adhering to a meticulously planned schedule.

Why choose me?

In addition to my exceptional photographic skills and extensive experience, I have gained valuable work experience as an educational manager at an international university. This background provides me with an insider’s understanding of the needs and expectations of business clients when it comes to presenting themselves effectively.

Furthermore, I am fluent in English, enabling seamless communication and collaboration with non-Hungarian speaking clients in both formal and informal settings.

Whether your objective is to capture informal or formal photos, I possess the creative insight to suggest innovative ideas for the settings, environments, and optimal timeslots based on lighting conditions. Moreover, I can guide you on the appropriate depiction of individuals, their attire, and the tools they utilize in the photographs.

In addition to capturing images of employees, I am also adept at photographing interiors and still life, showcasing tools or products, either in a documentary style or by conveying the unique atmosphere of the workplace.

Throughout the process, I am dedicated to assisting you with the necessary preparations, paying equal attention to every individual being photographed, just as I would with a single client. My focus is on understanding their distinct needs and capturing their personality authentically in the photographs.

While the photos are intended for professional purposes, I strive to portray individuals in a natural and genuine manner, while accurately reflecting the company’s branding image.

You can rely on me to work efficiently, delivering exceptional quality results.

The showcased photos below were captured for Grants Europe Consulting, a distinguished company located in Budapest. These environmental portraits were taken on-site at their headquarters. For a complete album showcasing the project, please click here. Should you be interested in exploring all my stories and albums related to portrait photography, please visit this link.

If your company values a professional online presence or seeks to make an impact in printed form, I encourage you to get in touch with me to discuss your assignment.

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