Why high quality real estate photographs are important – 12 + 1 tips for preparing for a photoshoot


So far I have shared with you albums of apartments designed by architects and interior designers (like this one and this one) in my interior photography portfolio. However, it is not only these apartments that are worth presenting through professional photographs but any real estate to be sold or let, even if people still inhabitate it. High quality pictures add value to real estate ads. Your ad can draw more attention among many competing ads, and may make a better impression of the apartment and you as the seller in the person viewing it. Photos presenting the apartment in a welcoming and transparent way help attract serious clients, may speed up the selling process and result in a higher selling price. I can help you with taking the photos of your apartment, and would like to share my advice for how to prepare for the shoot.

If your real estate is inhabited at the time of being advertized or you do not have the means to home stage the apartment prior to selling these 12+1 tips can help you prepare for the photoshoot to get the best results:

  1. Clean the apartment and get rid of any clutter. Personal objects, toys, clothing, personal photographs, magazines and objects that are not decorative or not part of the space should not remain at visible places. All objects should be in their place.
  2. The bathroom and kitchen must be spick and span. Things reminding of the regular days of the people living there should be put away.
  3. The hallway must remain spatious and transparent. Leave maximum one-two jackets, one-two pairs of shoes and nothing else.
  4. Clean the windows so that light could come through. If there are curtains they should be washed too.
  5. Hide away cables.
  6. Choose the part of the day when the apartment gets lots of natural light or when lights are special, make the place cozier. Dedicate sufficient time for the photosession.
  7. Switch on all the lights in darker rooms. The photographer will decide which lights must stay on.
  8. You can get a few decor items to refresh the environment: e.g., flowers in a vase, table laid for breakfast, one or two cushions. Avoid overdecoration.
  9. If you have plants, refresh them for the shoot: give them a shower, cut off dry bits, clean their pots and change their soil.
  10. If you don’t have plants: get some. They will make the apartment look more inviting.
  11. You should also clean the surroundings of the apartment: the entrance, the staircase, and the garden.
  12. You may also request professional help with the cleaning, space organization and decoration.

+1  Share your ideas and requests with the photographer, and ask for their advice on the preparation and best timing.

It is essential to follow the advice above because the pictures will reflect the condition in which the apartment was when the photos were taken. The orderliness and atmosphere of the apartment cannot be improved through postprocessing.

Please feel free to contact me for your real estate photoshoot. My interior portfolio as well as other posts can be reached at this link.

If I am your photographer we will discuss all the steps of the preparation and if it is necessary I will be happy to check your place in advance and give you specific advice regarding your shoot. You will get a price quote in one or two working days after contacting me. If your request is more urgent than this please contact me via phone or let me know in your message.

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