Slow Photography


I would describe my relationship with my clients and my approach to work as slow photography.  The philosophy of slow life is based on quality life, lived-through moments, consciousness, authenticity, and community. In this post, I try to explain what I mean by slow photography and what aspects it has for me.

Often, we see photography as a quick and whirlwind process from the outside. On the one hand, it is quite natural today that anyone can record anything with their mobile phone at any time, at the same time people can be nervous and unsure whether they can show their best self when their professional photograph is taken in the short amount of time available. I believe that less is more and that patience and time are important for achieving a quality outcome. Therefore, I do not urge my clients, but rather help them before and during the photography process. I answer their questions openly and make the photo shoot the best experience for both of us. It is also important for me that I devote my full attention to my clients and take and compose my photos consciously. This helps me to capture my client’s personality in one image, at the same time creates an opportunity for me for living through the moment, self-reflection, development, and growth.

I aim at creating harmony in my work: this is what I would like to experience in the cooperation process with my clients as well as to see in my photographs. I depict my photo subjects naturally and sincerely, in a way that my photos could help them achieve their goals: may it be memory creation or professional development.

I consider requests an honor and my clients as partners, therefore the discussion of needs, exchange of ideas, and fair information sharing are always important.

If you can see yourself working with me on your project, please let me know. I look forward to it!

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